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I do love questions


I think someone nominated me for this ages ago but I seem to have forgotten to do it, so now here it is!  Sadly I don’t think the Liebster Award is a real award but I appreciate it nonetheless, thanks Hayley!

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The Liebster Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you (by tagging their original post to yours)
  • Answer 11 questions
  • Nominate other bloggers who deserve the award
  • Ask them 11 questions
  • Put these rules in your post
  • Inform the bloggers you have nominated

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

I wanted to write about my time on the JET Programme so I could read it again in the future, and it was the easiest way of letting friends and family know what I’m up to.  I’ve never been able to keep diaries and writing by hand is just effort really.

2. Your three favourite posts?

Maybe “I live here now?” because I remember how weird it felt (and still does) to be living in a foreign country.  Everything was still new and shiny then.  I still have to remind myself that I’m actually living my lifelong dream though!

First 24 Hours in Tokyo because it was like, WHAT is happening to my life everythingissobigandscary.  Excited to go back with Lindsey and see it again!

Climbing Shirakami-dake because it was the most extreme thing I’ve done so far and definitely won’t be a day I’ll forget!

3. If you could achieve one thing in 2015 what would it be?

I want to make more of an effort to get involved with the Japanese community. It’s so easy to live inside my little ex-pat bubble and continue to hang out with other foreigners and do the stuff I’m used to because certain things about living here can get really frustrating and overwhelming at times, so it’s nice just to forget about it all. I won’t be here for that long though so I want to make the most of what’s around me!  It’s just hard when 90% of my town’s population is over the age of 60.

4. Do you have a role model, someone you look up to?

James Rhodes – he stopped playing the piano when he was about 20 because he felt he was wasting his time with it, then picked it up again after 10 years to train as a performer. He also suffered from depression and spent time in a mental institute but despite all this he became an amazing classical pianist who probably could do equally well as a stand-up comedian. He’s written some brilliant articles in the past and is a strong supporter of gender equality, particularly in the music industry, so basically he’s my hero.

5. What was your favourite subject at school?

Either music, English or French, depending on when I took it and who my teacher was.  But music has always been slightly ahead.

6. Three films you want to see this year?

Wild (the Reese Witherspoon one), Star Wars VII, I don’t actually know what else is coming out… just looked, apparently Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel is being released! So yeah, that.

7. Is there a band/musician you want to see, but have never had the chance to? Currently performing or otherwise.

Yes like a million whose various members have died so will never happen. But if I had to choose one, probably Rage Against the Machine because it would be so much fun, AND they’re all still alive so it might happen!

8. Three things that make you happy?

Playing the piano, generally being with friends, eating good food.

9. If you could be an animal what would you be?

An otter.  Or a fruit bat…

10. Ideal blog reader?

Friends, family, anyone that cares about my life!!

11. Your plans for the rest of the day?

I finish work in half an hour so I’ll go home, teach English on Skype for an hour, make dinner and then I’ll probably watch like 8 episodes of Community while on my exercise bike (or not) before going to bed.

I would post my own questions now but A) I have no idea who to choose and B) I’m lazy.  But I enjoyed answering these anyway!

3 thoughts on “I do love questions

  1. Me! Me! Send it to me! I need inspiration! Fruit bat? Lol

  2. James Rhodes definitely sounds like an interesting character! Glad I asked that question! X

  3. Fruit bat….good choice but there’s lots of hanging around XX

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