Apple Country

Stories of rural life as an ALT in a northern Japanese fishing town.


こんにちは!My name is Ellen and I’m from Surrey, UK.  I’m in my second and final year of the JET Programme, living in a small fishing town called Fukaura in Aomori prefecture, Japan.  Its population of 9,000 is spread all the way down a single highway, where on one side there are mountains and forests, and on the other is the Sea of Japan.  So far the inaka life is pretty good.  I hope you enjoy reading about it!

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  2. I like your header photo of the Nebuta Festival.
    The Mitama Festival in Tokyo has a Nebuta float from Aomori every year.
    I took a video once:

  3. Hi Ellen!
    I am applying to the Jet Programme and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving me some tips/advice for writing my Essay. I have no previous teaching experience and I am worried that this may hinder me. I am hoping you could give me some ideas to make my Essay shine!

  4. Hi Ellen! Thanks! Yes – it is due in 3 days!!! I just heard about program about 3 days ago so I am a bit of a time crunch! Eek! I will try to send that out to you ASAP!

  5. Hi there, My name is Mo and I found your blog after googling Fukaura, because I am going there for JET 😀 I am very excited and your blog has been very helpful, I was wondering do you have any specific advice you could give me for being a JET in Fukaura? Also quick question, they told me I would actually be living in the main town but in a different part called Kitakanegasawa…was that the same with you? Thank you, and hope you are doing well! 😀

    • Hi there! I’ve heard from the current Fukaura JET that you’re moving there soon! I’m so excited for you and glad you found my blog helpful 😀 Yes I lived in Kitakanegasawa which is about a 30 min drive from the main town. There is a place nearby called Senjojiki which I thoroughly recommend going to and climbing on the rocks 🙂 As for specific advice… everyone is really friendly and always happy to talk to you. You will make friends with the supermarket and gas station workers quickly!!

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