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Stories of rural life as an ALT in a northern Japanese fishing town.

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Thanksgiving in Aomori

(Another late post!!)

Now that I’ve had my second Thanksgiving thanks to being surrounded by Americans (and a few Canadians), I can tell you that it’s basically Christmas with less drunk dancing and no cool toys to play with, and origins which seem to make people ever so slightly uncomfortable.  That actually makes it sound less fun than it actually is… I get the impression that Thanksgiving generally means spending time with family, but seeing as the Aomori JET community basically is a family, each region had their own little gathering.

My region’s party was kindly hosted by another JET at her house.  It was potluck style so we all brought various dishes, but the turkey and pumpkin pie was provided by AJET from the American military base.  EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS.  I brought Yorkshire puddings and confused everyone when I turned up with what is essentially batter cooked in the shape of little bowls of deliciousness, because everyone expecting a dessert.  Hahahaha oh Britain, you sly fox.  It’s okay though because there were so many desserts and they were all so good mmmmm.  Someone made a giant chocolate peanut butter cookie FILLED WITH SALTED CARAMEL and it was sickeningly good.

So apart from eating too much food, I got to spend the day/night with my favourite people in Aomori playing games and drinking and just being all cosy in the living room with our blankets.  I will definitley be having sleepover parties way into my adult life!