Apple Country

Stories of rural life as an ALT in a northern Japanese fishing town.

First bike ride of the year


Went for a 26k ride last weekend up to Ajigasawa and back, taking a couple of photos of near where I live along the way.  I know you probably think I’m a wuss for only just getting out on my bike at the end of April, but road biking in Aomori weather right by the sea just isn’t worth the pain!!  Even on the way back, the headwind was strong enough to make me want to just finish the ride already.  The big fat beautiful cherry blossoms and blue skies made it worth it though.

3 thoughts on “First bike ride of the year

  1. All looking very beautiful and peaceful looking.

  2. What lovely countryside for cycling (not like my commute to work this morning). Loving the cherry blossom x

  3. Looks amazing Nel, and cool bike too. X

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