Apple Country

Stories of rural life as an ALT in a northern Japanese fishing town.

Japanese Guys


Introducing my first comic drawn on my graphics tablet!  It’s taken a while to get finished, due to having to restart it a couple of times because A) my cartoon style sucked and B) I recently upgraded to the full version of the software I was trialing and learned that there is such a thing as LAYERS which made drawing this kinda thing a billion times easier.

To distinguish English dialogue from Japanese, I wrote what would’ve been said in Japanese in the slightly thicker ink pen style.

making friends in japanese

The older folk make enthusiastic conversation partners, but the intensity of topics tends to escalate rather quickly…


3 thoughts on “Japanese Guys

  1. Oh sounds all too much like hard work Ellen…I think it works better Japanese girl to Uk Bloke, going on my friend’s sons’s marriage! x

  2. Love the dinky cartoon girls! Sheila has a point! X

  3. hahahahhaha love this!!!

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